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rattlesnake greenhouse

This project was a case study for a marketable, green-built home, elegantly designed and sustainably constructed, with high quality details, materials and finishes. As an infill project, it re-purposed the underutilized, water intensive side lawn of an existing residence in the Rattlesnake neighborhood. The home was Energy Star Certified and features a high-efficiency radiant floor heating/domestic hot water system and heat recovery ventilation in a structural insulated panel envelope. Many environmentally friendly, recycled, reused and locally available materials were incorporated. Flooring, trim and timbers were locally harvested and milled; local hand-crafted tile adorns the fireplace and boulders from excavation are featured in the landscape and window wells. Entries are accessible at grade and flexible space layout provides for single floor living as needed. The home was featured in HomeWORD's 2008 Sustainable Homes Tour.